High profit with A.H.T.

A.H.T has developed reasonable investment packages with high profits. Each package has its own type of work and charges.
Be careful when choosing an investment tariff. We know that such investment conditions are not suitable for all investors, but those who believe in us will be satisfied and get a good profit.
For us, the most important thing is loyalty to our customers, so A.H.T always tries to take into account the General situation in the cryptocurrency market, in order to steadily increase the company's profits, and earn not only on the increase but also on the decrease in the market.

3.5% Daily
min: $ 5
max: $ 999

Return capital available after 15 days
Duration of work 360 days

4.7% Daily
min: $ 1000
max: $ 4999

Return capital available after 15 days
Duration of work 360 days

6.2% Daily
min: $ 5000
$ 30 000

Return capital available after 10 days
Duration of work 360 days

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Simple subscription

You can withdraw your Deposit at any time with a 15% fee.

Constant trading

The sum of your earnings grows every moment.

Immediate withdrawals

At any moment you can withdraw your money in any currency you want.

Transparent fees

We are constantly working on improving our trading system.


A.H.T proposes you cooperation on the base of a very flexible and convenient trading contract. Its duration is 360 days. If you wish you can continue it. Every day, Your profit grows. You have the opportunity to choose 3 investment plans that our team offers to those who are willing to risk to earn.

Here you can find some more benefits of crypto trading:

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The base A.H.T plan runs for 1 year with fixed interest rates added to your account balance each hour of each calendar day. There are 3 levels of interest dependent on the amount you wish to invest, as shown above. The minimal withdrawal amount is $ 0.5. You can receive back your entire initial deposit after 15 days of deposits activation. 15% fee will be applied.

All payouts are provided in BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE and $ format. We accept many cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin including Ethereum, LiteCoin, Doge, Dash and fiat currency. Withdrawal is carried out in manual mode, the rules for withdrawal 72 hours.